Nursing Job In Hong Kong | Availability & How To Apply

A lot of nurses have been emailing and asking about ways to apply nursing in Hong Kong as it seems that there are a lot of people looking for Nursing Jobs there. Its easy to apply for a Nursing Job there, the question though is where. Good news is that the Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital is already on its expansion and they are needing additional nurses that would work on their hospital.

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For those Nurses that are looking for Nursing Jobs in Hong Kong, this may be the opportunity you are waiting for. This is also the best opportunity for those nurses looking for a job abroad, and if you want to apply then here is what you have got to do. Since Hong Kong is a Cantonese speaking country, you should start NOW to learn to speak Cantonese. Don’t worry since the Nurse Hiring in Hong Kong is available from 2012 until 2014, but it wouldn’t hurt to start training now.

There are nursing agencies who are looking for nurses that would be employed to work in HK, but the thing is, just like in some other asian countries like Taiwan, if you want to work as a Nurse in Hong Kong you should be able to speak their language, Cantonese and nursing agencies are going to need nurses who are willing to be trained in speaking cantonese or much better if you already know how to speak cantonese because that would accelerate your application for a Nursing Job in HongKong.

Alright so for those applying for a nursing job in HongKong you can send in your comprehensive resume and other pertinent documents. If you attended a cantonese language class and have a certificate for that include it too and send it to nursingjobs [at] and we’ll try to either send your resumes to nursing agencies that employs nurses for Hong Kong or alert you whenever a nursing job is available.

Male or Female, with or without any nursing experience, newly passed Nurses or Nurses who have been working outside of their profession are welcome to apply.

Cruise Ship Nursing Update!

Since our last posting of the Cruise Ship Nurse Hiring, there were hundreds of interested applicants that sent their resumes and emails and rest assured that we have already forwarded it to Nursing Agencies that are looking for Cruise Ship Nurses that are willing to work abroad. Those that were qualified and chosen are surely already at their training, and some might even be already embarking to nearby countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Philippines among others.

Cruise Ship Nursing Update

But fret not as we still have a couple of other Nursing Agencies looking for new batch of Nurses that would become a cruise ship nurse in the near future. There are a lot of new Cruise ships that needs Nurses on board and they are willing to hire Nurses with or without experience, may they be newly passed nurses or nurses that have been looking for jobs for quite some time already but of course, those that with experience hold an edge may they be male or female but who knows, this might open an opportunity for those Nurses who have no experience but still are willing to undergo training to become a cruise ship nurse.

If you are willing to work abroad, with complete documents and willing to be trained to become a cruise ship nurse, then send in your resumes and other pertinent documents and you might just get your shot to become a cruise ship nurse!

Hiring of Nurses for a Cruise Ship would open up in a few weeks time, so better get your application requirements ready! Leave your emails and other contact details below and send your documents below and we’ll send it to Nursing Agencies in need for Nurses on a Cruise ship.

Good Luck to all Nurses! May you become a Cruise Ship Nurse and a member of the fleet in a few months time!

send your resumes to nursingjobs [at] travelnursingjobsabroad [dot] com