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Are you a Practical Nurse (LPN and LVN) and looking for Nursing Job Opportunities? There are job opportunities for practical nurses (LVNs and LPNs) outside of nursing homes. This is not to “bash” nursing homes in any way.  My first nursing job was in a Nursing Home and the experience was amazing and that prepared me for the other Nursing Jobs that followed.  My point is that practical nurses have similar opportunities as RNs, and that includes Travel Nursing.

Similar to Traveling RNs, Traveling LPNs can also work in nursing assignments from sunny California to scenic New England.  Working as a practical nurse is also a smart way to experience the ins and outs of the nursing field step by step, rather than all at once as a new Graduate RN or the Nurses with no experience.  Those who transition from LPN can solidify their practical nursing skills first and then build on those with RN training later on.  As a Traveling Practical Nurse, you also have the advantage of learning skills in a national training environment, versus in just one local facility. Another perk of working as a traveling LPN is the higher pay than most LPNs normally make in a staff position.

As with Travel RNs, Traveling LPNs should do their research and find a good Travel Nursing Agency that best suits their salary expectations, career goals (especially in regards to further education), benefits, standard contract terms and referral bonuses. It’s also a good idea to find out which travel nursing agencies have the most assignments in the region of the country you are most interested in being assigned to.  For those who do their research, are persistent and allow themselves to dream big – opportunities await.

So never worry if your a Practical Nurse (LPN and LVN) since you can still become Traveling LPN or a Traveling LVN abroad.

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  1. jhonalyn marella on February 16th, 2010 at 3:00 AM

    i graduated at the course of practical nursing 2 years, i want a job abroad(UK,canada,japan or any english country ). i am willing to pay the expenses please email me back if you have a job to offer me.

  2. hello, im maita capapas.

    i graduated at holy cross soon to be holy cross inernational. i want to work abroad for so many reasons. im willing to learn new skills since im going to experience new things. places like canada, UK, or any english country. im a RED CROSS trainee. BLS-CPR, AED, SFAT.

  3. hi. im kristine. I am also a graduate of practical nursing at holy cross. i have plans of pursuing my career working as a practical nurse abroad but i do not know the process. I am interested to work at places like canada,uk and in the us.im a red cross trainee and has joined the bls-cpr training.please let me know if there are interested employers.thanks.

  4. hi! im a graduating student of practing nursing st.augustine malolos.i’d like to know the process on how to go abroad with job related to my course. it would be appreaciated if you send me some information regarding that! thanks in advance!

  5. Myla Capili on April 28th, 2011 at 3:10 PM Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    hi! im a graduating student of practical nursing at st.augustine malolos.i’d like to know the process on how to go abroad with job related to my course. it would be appreciated if you send me some information regarding that! thanks in advance!

  6. Christina Promisel-Miller on June 14th, 2011 at 2:11 AM

    I am an LVN with >15 years experience. (10 being in the acute setting). I would love to utilize my experience and skills in nursing while traveling abroad. Please contact me with information packet and all available positions.

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  8. I am a lpn and would like to know how to get started in the traveling career.

  9. Hello! I woul love to travel out of the country, I been a nurse for over fourty years, and i still work full time, Two full time jobs,I wish you would give mea call and allow me to one of your traveling nurses, I am sure you will be very happy with my work. my experience consist of Telementy , Greiatric, cancer, venti, ESRD orthopedic, peg tube. trach. amd many other trades .I just would like to see alittle more.

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