Nursing Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Its that time again when Fresh Nursing graduates are at it looking for Nursing Jobs that could get them working immediately even if they did not have taken the Nursing Board Examination. We can’t blame them, its the country and the economy drooping down which causes them to look for work in hospitals, clinics, health centers even without any nursing experience.

I am not saying that its fine that you should not take the Nursing Board Examination, you still should take it, and pass it no matter what since it would make your Nursing Job Hunt more easier than if you haven’t passed or even took the Nursing Examination.

But the question is, are there any Nursing Jobs that one can land on without any nursing experience?

Well, there are but it will not take you high up the ranks of the staff… There are hospitals, both private and public that does hire New Nurses without experience, but only for the positions like Nursing Aide. Some hospitals only hire nurses who would undergo training for months and then decide on whether to continue with the Nursing Career on that hospital or not.

But still, experience is still experience, and though not a lot of Hospitals local and abroad do accept Nurses without any experience at all, some do require you to have at least 2 years Hospital nursing experience before being eligible for hiring on certain hospitals. If I were them I’d rather look for Nursing Jobs such as Travel Nursing Abroad since it is much more enjoyable and you are not locked into a hospital, but instead, you are free to roam on your destination to become a Travel Nurse.

Travel Nursing is one of the nursing jobs abroad that are still on demand as Nurses for hospitals decline year after year because of over supply of nurses here and abroad who are competing for hospital positions.

But getting back to topic, if you are really determined to become a nurse abroad then take Travel Nursing Jobs that does not require nursing experience and there are many of them, you just have to look into different Travel Nursing Agencies so that you can get hired right on the spot and be able  to buy all the things you want.

Its not yet too late, you just need to know where to look and how to look for it.

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  1. Migrating to a new country often comes with its fair share of thorns, and nurses should brace themselves for a challenging time, at least when they start of, because things wouldn’t be so easy.

  2. […] These are great for fresh nursing graduates who still cant apply in a hospital since most of the hospital nowadays have freeze hiring. This is a great job for future Travel Nurses since they can have a job even before they could have a Travel Nursing Job Abroad. This is a good Nursing Job for Fresh Gradute Nurse. […]

  3. […] since only those who have background in medical terms are mostly favored, so if you are a Fresh Graduate Nurse who needs a Job then why not try to be a Nurse Medical Transciptionist, for sure you have the edge […]

  4. HELLO., i am a newly graduate nurse, 20 rs. old, from the Philippines and very interested and willing to try as a Travel Nursing Abroad, i hope you will give a chance on how to apply about the job .. thanks, GOD BLESS…

  5. hello, am a newly graduate nurse 20yrs old from Nigeria and very interested in travel nursing abroad just finished from school of nursing ABUTH zaria. i hope u would give me a chance to apply about the job…thanks and God bless

  6. Hello,I’m in my final year nursing (4th) program in South Africa but I’m Zimbabwean.I’m finishing my degree this year December and I’m willing to work abroad.I hope you will assist me and give me the chance to apply to apply for the job.thanks

  7. Good day!
    I am a Registered Nurse just passed last July 2010, I graduated last October 2009. I am very much interested to work abroad. I hope you can give me a chance to apply as a nurse abroad.
    Thank you.

  8. Pleasant day!
    I am a registered nurse in the Philippines, I graduated last dec 2009.
    I am very desperate to work as a nurse in any country. Please help us to have a job and be hired.
    Thank you

  9. good day!
    i am July 2010 Nursing Board Passer in the Philippines. i am very much interested about the job. Please do send me an address where i can send my resume.
    Thank You & God Bless.

  10. Remjo Gonzales on April 8th, 2011 at 5:53 PM

    hi, im a newly registered nurse in the Philippines with out any hospital working experience.. i’m interested of traveling nurse… even though i have no experience, but im willing to learn… hope you can help me where to apply or give me some agencies who hires nurse even without experience.. thank you very much.. Godbless

  11. Shierly Sibayan on April 10th, 2011 at 3:21 PM

    Hi! im a fresh nurse graduate in the Philippines, i am interested for any Job related in Nursing Profession, i had no experience in working but i am willing to learn, hope you can help me to apply a job even without experience..Thank you and Gdbless

  12. hi! i graduated last 2006 from the philippines. i only have 1 month experience in my nursing profession because i decided to work as a call center agent in my hometown, however i am really interested to work as a nurse. i already passed my ielts exam with a band score of 8.0. i hope you can help me to find a job eventhough i only have 1 month experience.. i am willing to learn and very hardworking.thank you very much godbless

  13. hi! I am a graduate Nursing (May 2010) and a December 2010 NLE board passer. My experience are all under the school curriculum – Clinical Practicum (Related Learning Experience). I am a second courser and my first course was Industrial Engineering.I am interested for any job related in Nursing Profession. I’m interested to try as a Travel Nursing Abroad, i hope you will give a chance on how to apply about the job .. thanks and best regards

  14. Hi..I’ve been a registered nurse for three years now..I worked as a alinic nurse for one year and volunteered in a tertiary hospital for 4 months.Please enlighten me on how I can apply for nursing jobs abroad..Thank you..
    please feel free to contact me

  15. Hi! I just passed the recent liscensure exam for Nurses and Currently working to a field which is not related to my course. i want to pursue my nursing profession. Please do help me. can reach me through +639353716373 or you can send me your mail @



  16. I”m a registered nurse with a Bachelor Degree. Please help me I wanto to work. My contact numer is 787-673-2567.



  17. hi I am jeena jose i.I done my post BSC nursing in cyprus.I had 6 month registration from cyprus witout am looking for nursing job in abroad………..

  18. Joana Marie Andres on June 11th, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Hi! Im Joana Marie Andres, BS. Nursing graduate and 2 years Registered nurse, seeking job through internet and hoping to work abroad. I worked as a volunteer nurse in a private hospital for 6months. Any vacancies pls. Contact me +639279776357/

  19. good day! i’m cindy.. a registered nurse for 1 year. I am interested in this position.. I hope I can get feedback soon.. Thank you and God Bless.

  20. good day
    im a fresh nurse graduate in the Philippines, i am interested for any Job related in Nursing Profession, i had no experience in working but i am willing to learn, hope you can help me to apply a job even without experience..Thank you and Godbless

  21. i am a registered nurse in the philipines without experience but willing to work abroad preferably in california as a travel nurse

  22. Good day ma’am/sir.
    I’m a fresh BSN graduate and a board passer in the Philippines. I know I’m new in this profession cause I don’t have any experience yet but I’m willing to learn more and work for the best cause I know your company is working for the best.. Hoping you can help me find a job suitable for me..Any Nursing job can be..Please contact me if I’m qualified..09164082784..

    Thank you..

  23. Jen

    Good day ma’am/sir.
    I’m a fresh BSN graduate and board passer in the Philippines. I know that I’m new in this profession for I don’t have experience yet but I’m willing to learn and work with my best ’cause I know your company is working for the best.Any job related to my profession can do and if I will be qualified please contact me-09164082784.Hope you can help me find a job.

    thank you and more power..

  24. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I appreciate that your help and advice for fresh nurses.

    I am a fresh graduate New Zeland trained nurse, who is original from China, fluent in English and Mandarin.I am willing to learning Cantonese.
    I have two years of working experience in a New Zealand retirenment village as a health care assistant.
    I an eagerly looking for an opportunity to start my nursing career. I would be pleased to provide information you need for your consideration and I am available to discuss further details at your convenience.
    Looking forward your reply
    Kind regards

    Jingyi Chen

  25. hye im joane here…I’ve finish my diploma in nursing and I still searching for job.It almost 4months.I realy hope that i will be selected. my contact number 010 2116078

  26. FELIZ GWENMOR FUENTES on May 15th, 2013 at 8:55 PM

    Peace! I am a registered nurse, graduated last march 2012. I passed the board exam last July 2012 and ranked as top 9 in the said exam. I am hoping for someone to help me find a job related to my profession eventhough I only have a short professional experience.

  27. Who can help me get a nursing job in a hospital? I’ve finished my nursing course since 2011.Presenly, I work in an Adult Home Car

  28. cristy p. guillermo on February 20th, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    im very interested working me or tx me here 09228914654
    thank you

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